Selected Work

24th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition, Virtual This Year
3/19/2021 - 3/19/2021
Marge Levy
Marge Levy has worked in clay for over sixty years, taught and held academic and organizational leadership positions at major schools, universities and museums concurrently. She is an adventurous traveler, underwater and above, and in her mind. She was a ceramic instructor in summer camps and junior high school for many years (1959-1967. Later she was professor of ceramics and fine arts at Purdue University (1969-1985) and the University of Michigan (1986-1991) where she was also Dean of the School of Art and Design. In Seattle she was Executive Director of Pilchuck Glass School (1991-2000) Since 2000, she has been a docent at Seattle Art Museum, served on the Educational Advisory Council of the Bellevue Arts Museum and served on the boards of two artist support organizations in Seattle: Artist Trust and SOLA (Support Old Lady Artists). She has also been active in the National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) as a board member and leader of collector groups within NCECA. She is a fellow of NCECA, was president (1982-1984) and was co-chair of the NCECA 2012 SEATTLE host committee. Since 2000, she has also maintained an artistic practice and makes sculpture and pots, mostly in terracotta, at Pottery Northwest, with stylistic marks derived from her international travel and interests in tattoos and cultural notations – on the body, in textiles, and embedded in expressive materials and practices. Some at Pottery Northwest call her a Fairy Clay Mother. At the present time she is creating original ceramic work and periodically traveling to the South Pacific to scuba dive, swim with whales, and make underwater videos. In her spare time, makes elastic necklaces with letters on them, reflecting her lifelong interest in Scrabble and reading.
Virtual Exhibition, Covid19 Induced
Opens March 19,2021

Virtual Cincinatti, OH 

Image Title Student Teacher School
Sushi  Natalie R   Tomasic, Nick Blue Valley West High School - Overland Park, KS 
Repurpose Replenish Reconstruct  Emily W   Malkin, Vadim Trinity Preparatory School - Winter Park, FL 
Black Magic - The Pitcher  Anaiya G   Smelik, Marina Art Academia - San Mateo, CA 
Sea School  Anaiya G   Smelik, Marina Art Academia - San Mateo, CA 
Newt on Flower Pot  Mattea P   Smelik, Marina Art Academia - San Mateo, CA 
Wooden Vase  Lane A   Smelik, Marina Art Academia - San Mateo, CA 
Abstract Coral Reef  Lane A   Smelik, Marina Art Academia - San Mateo, CA 
Dad's Koi Pond  Helena V   Sabin, Kelli Rockford Christian Schools - Rockford, IL 
Court Jester  Alex G   Dubas, Jerome Grand Island - Grand Island, NE 
A Slow Journey  Cole T   Dubas, Jerome Grand Island - Grand Island, NE